Bad Salad

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  • Bad Salad confirmed for Progressive Nation at Sea 2014!

    It's official! Bad Salad will be debuting international waters - literally! - at Progressive Nation at Sea 2014! The band submited an entry alongside other 180 artists/bands, and was selected by the event staff, having been picked by none other than Mike Portnoy himself. We'd like to thank all the fans for all the support in getting this far! We're thrilled to have the opportunity to start our international ventures on an event of this magnitude, and we hope we sail ever higher from this point on.
  • "Puzzled" EP oficially launched!

    As of today, Bad Salad's new EP "Puzzled" is officialy released and available for purchase in digital form at Go and buy it!
  • Puzzled EP review by James Paddock Music!

    An awesome review for Bad Salad's new "Puzzled" EP was published by James Paddock Music. Check it out here!